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Finish Carpenters in Chicago

If you are looking for "finish carpentry Near Me" you've come to the right place! Our local finish carpenters have years of experience working with custom finish carpentry and installing trim and molding all around Chicago. As your finish carpentry experts, we will go over your goals, as well as types of wood and options for custom installations. You can choose between hardwood or softwood and whether you want to paint or stain it. For example, hardwoods typically work best with stains and softwoods with paint.

Our finish carpentry contractors also consider other factors when installing custom. For example, you can apply paint to hardwoods like poplar, fir, yellow and white pine. These types of hardwoods give you the most cost-effective option. Our skilled Carpenters can cut, shape, and sand softwoods easier along with nailing. The cost of custom finish carpentry varies based on the type and amount of wood, along with the work it entails.

We also offer custom millwork with tight and open-grained woods. Tight-grained woods include basswood, cedar, and pine, which you can paint or stain. Our carpenters need to fill the grain on woods like walnut, cherry, or oak before installation. We understand custom finish carpentry can get confusing, and our experts can help. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros perform free in-person estimates. The carpenters will discuss and plan out the trim or molding project with you. Then our team will give you a timeline and schedule installation.

To schedule a free quote, and have us out to see your space and take measurements, contact us today. Call us at or send in the online request form, and our team will get back to you. We love doing custom finish carpentry projects and cannot wait to hear from you!

Baseboard Installation

Baseboard installation trims the bottoms of walls and can tie a room together. Baseboards also protect walls and may fill in any gaps between the flooring and walls. Our baseboard installation contractors have been serving Chicago Illinois for years. We can take on any size residential or commercial baseboard installation project.

Chicago Trim and Molding Pros can work with you to choose the right baseboards. Choose from flat or stepped baseboards. Our baseboard contractors work with all materials and styles to complement your rooms. Baseboards can measure anywhere from 3”-5” in height. Common materials include wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and vinyl. Our expert carpenters also specialize in custom millwork if you want exquisite baseboards. 

To get the best baseboard installation contractors and a free quote in Chicago, us today!. You can also fill out the online form to get a complimentary estimate. 

Crown Molding Installation

Crown molding adorns the tops of walls and separates them from the ceiling. Crown molding can also go above doors, windows, cabinets, columns, or pilasters. Also called “cornice,” crown molding highlights the transition between your walls and ceiling. Crown molding installation elevates space and accentuates rooms with a complete look. 

Our crown molding contractors can install basic or custom millwork. Our carpentry contractors can install overhead molding in whichever room you need it. Crown molding installation can help showcase a room or conceal cracks. 

We can incorporate ornamental types of molding along with our crown installation. Some types include:

  • Dentil Molding Installation: Dentil molding has small, evenly spaced blocks that look like “teeth.” Dentil molding has a repetitive pattern.
  • Egg and Dart Molding Installation: Egg and dart molding also goes well with crown molding. Egg and dart molding has an oval shape that alternates with a v-like form.
  • Bead and Pearl Molding Installation: Bead and pearl molding have rows of small symmetrical spheres. The spheres go with other ornate shapes like leaves, darts, or spindles.

Chicago Trim and Molding Pros can install wood, polystyrene, PVC, MDF, or plaster crown. We will work with you to select the best materials, color, and design for crown molding for your home or business. We offer competitive pricing and free estimates. Our prices for trim and molding include labor and materials.

For crown molding installation services in Chicago, contact us today! Call to get a free quote or fill out the online form. 

Interior Trim Installation

We provide interior trim installation services for residential and commercial buildings across Chicago Illinois. Our carpenters work with all types and materials of interior trim and molding. Wood, MDF (medium density fiber,) and plastic remain the three most popular types. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros can help you choose the style that best suits the inside of your home or business!

Some interior trim installation includes:

  • Baseboard Installation: Chicago Trim and Molding Pros install baseboards where the walls and floor meet.
  • Crown Molding Installation: Crown molding installation goes where the walls and ceiling come together.
  • Casing Trim Installation: Casing trim installation surrounds doors and windows on the interior of your property. 
  • Chair Rail Installation: Chicago Trim and Molding Pros installs chair rails to protect your walls from damage.
  • Wainscoting Installation: Wainscoting or wall panels cover the lower parts of walls. Types of wainscoting include beadboard and batten trim.
  • Picture Rail Installation: Picture railing molding lets you hang frames onto the trim instead of walls. 
  • Frieze Molding Installation: Frieze molding goes above picture rails and underneath crown molding. Frieze adds a classic stately element and channels ancient Greek and Roman architecture.
  • Shadow Box Installation: Shadow box or picture frame molding installation goes on walls or trim. The box shape gives a wall definition and adds a nice visual touch. 
  • Staircase Trim and Molding Installation: Add exquisite or simple touches to your stairways with our services.
  • Corner Block Installation: Corner block trim goes in corners and delivers a decorative look.
  • Custom Trim Carpentry Services: We also install custom millwork to give your interior a unique design.

For any interior trim installation services that you need in Chicago, contact us! We will be happy to discuss the many options, and we offer free in-person quotes! Call Chicago Trim and Molding Pros at or get a free estimate by filling out our online form. 

Expert Finish Carpentry Services

We also have expert finish carpentry for trim and molding installation in Chicago. Our carpentry contractors work with commercial or residential properties. Our expert finish carpentry services include new construction and renovations. The expert finish carpenters perform molding or trim installation from start to finish. Our finish carpentry contractors then add the final touches onto the trim or molding. 

To get the best finish carpentry services in the Chicago area, contact us! Call Chicago Trim and Molding Pros at to schedule a free estimate. You can also send in the online request form, and we will get back to you. We guarantee expert finish carpentry services and total satisfaction!

Wainscoting Installation

Add decorative wall panels to your Chicago home or business with wainscoting installation. Wainscoting trim or single-wall panels add character, insulation, and value to your property. Unlike retro wood paneling walls in the ’70s, wainscoting only covers the lower portion. You can accentuate the room by adding paint or wallpaper around the wainscoting. Wall panel installation uses trim to frame the wainscoting. Choose from wood, MDF, or plastic materials for your wainscoting installation. 

Wainscoting also protects walls and commonly matches the level of chair rail molding. Wainscoting installation can vary in height, and our contractors can work with you to achieve your desired look. To add more impact, some people prefer their wainscoting to be 5’ in length. Our wainscoting installation contractors can do an entire wall or stairway, as well. 

Chicago Trim and Molding Pros’ wainscoting installation services include:

  • Traditional Wainscoting Installation: Traditional wainscoting comes primarily in white or cream. We can install flat or raised panels, the oldest type of wainscoting, which have a beveled edge.
  • Beadboard Wainscoting Installation: Beadboard panels have a row of vertical boards separated by half-rounded grooves, or “beads.”
  • Batten Trim Installation: “Board and Batten” wall trim has vertical boards and hides joints between two pieces of paneling. Our contractors can also install batten trim can onto drywall.
  • Shiplap Wainscoting Installation: Shiplap has a horizontal pattern with interlocking boards.
  • Custom Wainscoting Installation: We can install custom millwork, like overlays of flat and raised panels, for your wainscoting installation. You may have an idea to alternate the wall panels or only install them in certain areas. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros will work with you to install the wainscoting style you want.

For wainscoting installation in Chicago and surrounding areas, contact us! Call us today for a free quote at or fill out our online form. We will be happy to assist you with wainscoting options for your home or business!

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Chicago Trim and Molding Pros, a locally owned and operated company, serves customers all over Chicagoland. Our expert carpenters have years of experience and superior craftsmanship. Our licensed and insured contractors install all types of trim and molding. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros offer free estimates that include labor and materials. We provide professional trim and molding installation services at competitive prices. Our highly skilled contractors work on residential and commercial buildings in Chicago Illinois

Contact us to get a free quote on any trim, molding, or other expert carpentry services. Call us at or submit the online request form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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