Baseboard Installation Services

Baseboards cover the surface between the wall and floor. Baseboard installation services add definition and protection to rooms. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros offer standard and custom baseboard installation services. Our experienced baseboard installers provide residential and commercial services to Chicago Illinois. As a locally owned company, we place customer satisfaction first. Our licensed and insured contractors will help you choose the right baseboards. We can take on any baseboard installation project, whether you want a simple or elegant style. No matter the size of the job, we offer baseboard installation services for one room or the entire house! 

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    We have a team of licensed and insured contractors for baseboard installation in Chicago. Our baseboard installation contractors service residential and commercial properties. Whichever style you prefer, our carpenters can install custom millwork or standard baseboards. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros’ contractors work with wood and other materials. Our carpentry contractors can craft architecturally distinct baseboards for your home or business. We proudly offer custom finish carpentry at competitive prices. 

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    Standard Baseboards

    Standard baseboard installation runs along the bottom perimeters of walls. Standard baseboards typically measure 3”-3.5.” Furniture often covers baseboards, so most customers choose a simple design. Standard baseboards come in a variety of materials and styles, and you can paint or stain some. Choose from wood, MDF, or vinyl for standard baseboard installation.

    The most common type includes the Three-Inch Rounded or Stepped Baseboards. This baseboard has a round-shaped top trim and tapers into the wall. The standard baseboard has a low profile and simple design, making it the popular choice. MDF standard baseboards cost less than wood. You can apply paint to create a distinct look in your home or business. 

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    Custom Baseboards

    We have carpentry contractors that offer custom baseboard installation services. Custom baseboards add architectural distinction to rooms. Our carpenters specialize in custom millwork and can craft any type of baseboard. Most custom baseboards use wood, and we can also create layers of molding for a unique look. Standard baseboards typically run 3-3.5”, but customs can be any height to achieve a look you desire.

    Choose a soft natural wood like pine, pre-treated and primed for custom baseboards. Pre-treated pine baseboards will not have warps in the wood but lose beauty if you apply stains to them. Hardwood baseboards like oak and maple can be stained but have a higher cost. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros can work with you to help you choose the best design for custom baseboards in your home or business. 

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