Crown Molding Installation Chicago

Crown molding, or “cornice,” showcases the transition between walls and ceilings. Crown molding installation can also go above doors, windows, or cabinets. Crown molding adds definition to a room and ties the room together. We work with wood, MDF, polystyrene, or PVC materials for crown molding installation. Our licensed and insured contractors install standard, ornamental, or custom millwork crown molding. 

We can add dentil, egg and dart, or bead and pearl to your crown molding to add an architectural element. Crown molding works on residential and commercial properties on the interior or exterior. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros will work with you to select the best crown style for your home and business. We offer free in-person quotes for crown molding installation as well. 

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    Custom Trim Installation Services Chicago

    Our excellent carpentry contractors offer custom trim millwork installation services to Chicago. Custom millwork includes baseboards, wainscoting, crown molding, shadow boxes, or chair and picture rails. Custom trim installation services use wood. Our expert carpentry contractors will carefully craft a unique design. Custom trim installation services let you choose the layout, height, style, and type of wood. 

    Chicago Trim and Molding Pros’ expert finish carpenters will explain the pros and cons of certain woods. Then you can decide which wood will best suit your home or business. Our carpentry contractors perform interior and exterior custom trim installation services. Custom trim adds such a distinctive look to any residence or business. 

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    Ceiling Molding Installation Chicago

    Ceiling molding, also known as crown or cornice, helps the area where the walls and ceiling meet stand out. Our ceiling molding installation services also go above doors, windows, and cabinetry. Ceiling molding materials include traditional wood, medium-density fiber (MDF), and different plastic materials. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros can install standard or ornamental ceiling molding. Our licensed and insured carpenters have expertise in designing custom millwork ceiling molding. Custom ceiling molding adds architectural stature to any room. Our ceiling molding contractors can also add ornate features like dentil, egg, dart, bead, and pearl. We offer ceiling molding installation services to residential and commercial properties in Chicago. 

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    Types of Trim and Molding

    We work will all types of trim and molding across Chicago in residential and commercial properties. Types of trim and molding installation services we offer include:

    • Baseboard Installation: Baseboards go where the wall meets the floor. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros offer standard or custom baseboard installation.
    • Crown Molding Installation: Crown molding covers the joint where walls meet the ceiling. Like a crown, this molding tops the wall and elevates the space in a room.
    • Door or Window Trim Installation: Some may call the trim surrounding a door or window a “casing.” Door or Window trim can have a plain or decorative style.
    • Chair Rail Installation: Chair rails give your walls protection from furniture bumping into them. We offer residential and commercial chair rail installation services across Chicago.
    • Wainscoting Installation: Wainscoting consists of decorative panels on the lower portion of walls. Wainscoting installation includes beadboard and batten trim, or “board and batten.” Wainscoting paneling has trim framing. 
    • Picture Rail Installation: Picture railing molding lets you hang artwork or photos without damaging the walls. You nail the frames into the molding instead of the walls. Picture rails typically hang 1-2’ beneath the ceiling and 7-9’ off the floor.
    • Picture Frame Molding Installation: Picture frame molding can hold artwork or add a decorative aspect to a room. Picture frame molding installation can include one or multiple pieces to form a pattern. 
    • Panel Molding Installation: Panel Molding, a trim raised wall, exclusively has decoration purposes. Panel molding installation goes on top of the paneling and not a wall.
    • Cove Molding Installation: Cove molding offers a plain trim for the top of walls where they meet the ceiling. Cove has less embellishment as crown molding. Cove molding delivers a simplistic look but works excellent in stairways.
    • Rosette Trim Installation: Rosette trim works well if you want to add definition between rooms. The tops of rosette trim have round or floral designs at the ends and add distinction to columns or walls. Rosette trim installation goes above entrances of openings. Rosette works well to separate and distinguish different rooms.
    • Corner Block Installation: Corner block installation goes in corners to create a classy and decorative look.
    • Corbel Trim Installation: Corbel trim uses loose L-shaped brackets to add an accent between a vertical and horizontal surface. Corbel trim offers a lightweight, and decorative addition and commonly goes above countertops. 
    • Custom Trim Carpentry Services: Our carpenters also install custom millwork and can work with you on design.

    To discuss types of trim and molding, contact us today to go over the different types. Call Chicago Trim and Molding Pros at 224-335-4855, and we will gladly go over options. You can also schedule a free estimate by filling out our online form. With so many choices and styles of trim and molding, it can get confusing. Our experts can answer any questions you may have!

    Residential Molding and Trim Contractor Chicago

    For new or existing residences that need a molding or trim contractor, we can help. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros’ contractors install on exteriors and interiors in homes. Our molding contractors work on renovations and new home construction. Popular trim includes crown molding, wainscoting, baseboards, and window and door casings. We install different materials like MDF, PVC, or other prefabricated types.

    Our contractors install custom molding and trim millwork in Chicago homes as well. Choose the type of wood and design you want. If you need our residential contractors to replace old molding and trim as part of a remodel, we can. We will dispose of old molding and trim in an environmentally responsible manner. Chicago Trim and Molding Pros offer free in-home estimates. Our locally owned company has competitive prices that include labor and materials. 

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