What Does Trim Installation Cost?

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    Contact Chicago Trim and Molding Pros today to schedule a free estimate for any of our services! Locally owned and operated, we offer residential and commercial trim and molding services in Chicago. Our carpenters have expertise in custom millwork and trim and molding installation. We work on the interiors and exteriors of buildings and can take on any size project. Our molding company offers competitive prices and professional services with friendly contractors!

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    All Materials and Labor Included in Pricing

    Chicago Trim and Molding Pros include materials and labor in our pricing. We also offer free in-person quotes! Our trim and molding contractors will discuss services, styles, and materials. We will measure the space and then give you a transparent and fair price. You will know the cost of materials and the amount of time the trim or molding installation job will take. We also offer custom trim carpentry services for residential and commercial properties. Our finish carpentry contractors will work with you on custom designs and give a free estimate. 

    To get your free quote, contact Chicago Trim and Molding Pros today! Call us at 224-335-4855 or fill out the online form!

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    Hire our contractors for any trim and molding work you need in Chicago. Whether you have one room or every room needs trim or molding work, our contractors can take on any size project. Our trim and molding contractors service residential and commercial customers across Chicago. Our carpentry contractors perform exterior and interior trim installation. 

    Chicago Trim and Molding Pros’ contractors work with all trim and molding. We have experienced carpenters and offer friendly, professional, and efficient services. Our finish carpentry carpenters specialize in custom millwork for trim and molding. Adding a custom built-in will add an impactful look to your property. Our locally owned trim and molding company also perform free in-person estimates.

    Start today and contact us to hire the best contractors in Chicago Illinois for all your trim and molding work needs! Call Chicago Trim and Molding Pros at 224-335-4855 or send in the online request form. Schedule an appointment to get a free quote, which includes materials and labor. We look forward to connecting with you!